Football is basically life

Hello all, my name is Julian Brodie and I am currently an Engineering First Year student at NC State University. When I enrolled here at NC State, I had a Mechanical Engineering-Intent. However, after attending the career fair and my E101 class, I decided to change my intent to Material Science and Engineering (MSE). I decided to switch to MSE because I realized that I really liked chemistry and that I really liked how MSE could be applied. I also chose MSE because I did not want to take Statics.

Out of all the wonderful things I could do in the world, my favorite hobby would have to be watching football. I love to see 250 lb men tossing around the pigskin every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. No matter if it's college or professional, nothing gets me more hyped than seeing a middle linebacker absolutely devour and truck a runningback or seeing a quarterback buy time in the pocket and release a 40 yard bomb to his receiver deep down the field. My favorite football teams would have to be the Carolina Panthers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the San Diego Chargers. What makes these games even better is that I am often sitting with some of my great friends, making the game even more fun to watch.

Website home of the Seattle Seahawks ESPN!!!
  1. First, acquire honey wheat bread, Jiff's Creamy Peanut Butter, Welch's Grape Jam, and a butter knife
  2. Open the loaf of bread and take out 2 pieces of bread.
  3. Stick your knife into the jar of peanut butter and lightly spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread
  4. Clean off the knife (you may lick it if you like if you own both the peanut butter and the jelly), and then stick the the knife in the jar of Jam and lightly spread the jam on the other piece of bread
  5. Put the pieces of bread together and then cut the bread in a diagonal slice
  6. Eat and enjoy the deliciousness
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A
CH 102 A+
E 101 A
E115 S
E 144 A
HESS 245-Golf S
MA 141 A