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My name is John Parks, I am a freshman. I hope to get into engineering and become a mechanical engineering major. I choose this major because I shadowed an engineer for my senior project and I loved the job. I was torn between criminology and engineering but because of some unfortunate circumstances I could no longer have the career I wanted in criminology. After coming to college and taking courses in engineering I have found it to match my personality and interests.

My favorite hobby is woodworking. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from starting with a solid block of wood and ending with an object of importance. I believe that our world is losing touch with the idea that we can make out own furniture and tools. Now we make things out of plastic that are not meant to last. The knowledge and skill to be able to fix or make your own things is very useful.It is not only usefull but it makes you feel as though you have accomplished something great, that is why I woodcarve.

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  1. Get out ingredients
  2. put mayonnaise on the bread
  3. Place bacon and lettuce on the bread
  4. Place both pieces of bread together
Chemistry 101 B-
E115 S
GC120 B+