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Hi my name is Jacob Parsons and I am currently a freshman in the First Year College. I am interested in becoming an aerospace engineer. I have always been interested in space flight and exploration and want to try to contribute to it. If that does not work my back ups are mechanical engineering or computer science. I have a little interest in both and feel like I would still be happy with either.

My favorite hobby is playing video games on my laptop. Mostly minecraft and league of legends. I play a lot with my friends who I am not able to see in person everyday. I also play random steam games that I can get a hold of. Gaming is just something that I love to do.

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Toasted Turkey with Mayo
  1. 2 slices of bread toasted
  2. spread mayo on the bread
  3. add some turkey slices
  4. a slice of cheese and you're done
  5. Name Grade
    USC 102 290
    E115 800
    Weight Training 80