Welcome to my page!

Hi, my name is Jessica Pham. I am a freshman in First Year Engineering.
I initially wanted to pursue mechanical engineering because I wanted to work with cars.
But after I took CH101, I found that I enjoyed it more than physics so I am leaning towards chemical engineering now.
I have always been interested in cars and helping the environment so I think I could work to create a safer and more efficient fuel!

My hobbies include singing, dancing, swimming, playing volleyball, and watching movies.
I love singing and listening to music. I've been in chorus most of my high school years and in church as well.
I've been dancing for a few years and I hope to join a dance crew here at State!
I don't really like to work out, so playing sports is a great way for me to get my exercise in without the intense pressure of doing a typical workout.

Click the image below to open my favorite website in a new tab. Listen on Repeat

This is my resume

How to make a PBJ & banana sandwich

  1. Toast two pieces of bread until crunchy
  2. Spread on peanut butter on one bread
  3. Spread on jelly on the other bread
  4. Slice bananas and put them on the peanut butter side
  5. Combine and enjoy!
Course name Expected grade
E115 A+
Calculus 3 A+
Physics 205 A-

This is an image of one of my favorite hobbies: dancing!

EXO K dance practice