Welcome to my web page

Hello, my name is James Weeks. This is my first year at NC State, and I am technically a sophomore. I intend to major in mechanical engineering, but have not yet applied to the program here at NC State. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always enjoyed learning about how mechanical things work. Also, my favorite course in high school was physics. I liked the way that physics combines the scientific, practical, and mathematical worlds all into one.

Dogs are my favorite animals. Personally, I have had four dogs over the year, so that is likely why I am partial to them. But, hoever said that dogs are man's best friend knew what they were talking about. Every dog that I have had has had a unique personality that enables a person to become attached to it. That's why dog's are my favorite animals.

Red Sox

NCSU Dining

    How to order chocolate chip pizza from Pizza Inn

  1. Figure out how many chocolate chip pizzas you want.
  2. Look up the number for the Pizza Inn in Rocky Mount on Hunter Hill road. (top Pizza Inn in the country)
  3. Call the number for Pizza Inn and ask them to make a slightly undercooked chocolate chip pizza, or a lot of them, and deliver it/them to wherever you are.
  4. Thank the pizza delivery guy or girl and then eat your chocolate chip pizza with some milk.
Class Expected Grade
EC 201 A
MA 141 A-
FL 222 A+
USC 102 A+
HI 341 A-
E 115 S
HESF 237 S