Awsome-O Inc.

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We are Awesome and You can Too

Welcome to the Awsome-O Inc. homepage where you will find all the information you need about Awesome-O Inc. and all of its awesome products. The company was founded March 1st, 1950 by brothers and Vandelay Awesome. It was founded on the basis of making quality products for the general public. The company started with just 4 employees working out of the Awesome's garage. The company has grown to 17 employees and is going strong.

Awesome-O Inc. mainly deal with awesome products that the cosumer considers awesome. These products range from anything between Awesome-O frisbees to Awesome-O potato guns. Everyone of our products is guaranteed to produce an awesome feeling on the part of the consumer. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products you are untitled to no refund (tough luck). Enjoy all our awesome products

Awesome-O Inc. is now owned by Jim Biglin acting as the CEO. The employees are currently employed through a rigourous selection process. They are interviewed for 15 minutes and then are given a notice a few days later if they have been hired. This process ensures the tip of the sword for our employee selection. We currently have 17 staff members employed with seven of those being executives, and 5 of those being officers. Awesome-O Inc. Is currently located at 416 Dixie Trail Raleigh, North Carolina. Please browse the rest of the website using the links below

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