All About Me

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Here is a picture link to NC State's homepage!
NC State's Homepage!!

NC State!

Here is a list of some of my interests

  1. Martial arts
  2. Engineering
  3. Playing video games

Here is a list of my favorite websites.

the belltower! nc state logo! overpriced computer

Here is the BellTower,

NC States landmark on society.

Here is NC States logo!

an awesome computer!


An Awesome Computer!

As cool as this computer is it is way overpriced!

The Alienware Website

I believe alienware computers are amazingly expensive. It would be a more efficent use of monatary resources to create your own computer and build it inside an alienware shell you purchased.

These computers are massively overpriced for the technology you recieve. You may be able to build your own desktop for a massively lower price.

A Website that can help you get the parts to build your own PC is Newegg
And here is an egg! Just because I can.

Delecoius, delicious ramen! As cheap as it is Ramen can become a very nice meal with some meat and vegetables, and i will argue can easily become my favorite meal. Delicious, delicious ramen
If you would like to learn more about Ramen please click here.

A replica of me as a kitten.
And me as a puppy!
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