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My name is John Corriher, I am currently a second semester freshman at NC State. My current intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I want to go into firearms research and development once I graduate. Since Mechanical Engineering is such as broad field I will have a lot of options in the field. If all goes to plan I hope to be working for military contracting groups as a start my career.

My favorite hobby is shooting firearms. I have done competition shooting in the past and shoot a wide variety calibers. I also perform regular maintenance on all my firearms.

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How to create a sandwich.

  1. Go to the neighbourhood market and buy your favorite type of meat such as salami or pastrami along with Swiss or parmasean cheese.
  2. Then go to the local bakery and buy the best looking loaf of French bread in the store.
  3. Go home and cut the bread then put the meat and cheese on the bread.
  4. Warm up the sandwich in the oven to warm up the meat, melt the cheese and slightly toast the bread.
  5. Take the sandwich out and add some condiments like spicy brown mustard and banana peppers.
  6. Then enjoy your fantastic final project.
Class Grade
GC120 A
MA 141 A-
CSC 113 B
HESF 237 B+

Biggest gun I've ever shot.