Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Jesse Hansen and I'm a freshman at NC State University. I am majoring in Physics because I want to be an astronaut and get into space. Physics will give me the educational background necessary to be selected by NASA for space missions in a scientific capacity. I've wanted this since I was eight years old! I even got my SCUBA diving license because it is the closest thing to space and zero gravity that I could get in nature while still on earth.

My favorite hobby would be the SCUBA diving that I mentioned above. Originally I got my diving license because of the similarities between the ocean and space but it eventually became more than that. The life and diversity present in the ocean cannot be compared to anything else that I have seen and to have witnessed it firsthand is a priceless experience. While SCUBA diving has a significant element of risk and at times can be frightening, if done right the risks are minimized and the fear is manageable. This is a hobby that opened my eyes to the wonders of nature here on Earth.

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  1. Get out Bread, Nutella, and peel a banana.
  2. Spread Nutella on both slices of bread.
  3. Slice banana and put slices on one piece of nutella covered bread.
  4. Put other nutella covered slice of bread on top of bananas to close the sandwich.
  5. Enjoy with a glass of milk!
Course Name Expected Grade
ES 100 A
MA 241 B
CH 101 A
Boat Scene