Welcome to the webpage I made for E115 on my homework 5a!

Hello my name is John Kremar. I am a first year engineer here at NC State University and I a intend to coda into mechanical engineering. I have choose this major because since being a little boy the way things work and how they are designed have always intrigued me. I have also had a strong interest in math and science my entire life. So this is why I believe mechanical engineering is the best major choice for me.

I do many things that interest me during my free time, but my favorite hobby is training and competing in triathlons. I have been competing in triathlons since ninth grade. Since coming to NC State I have joined the Triathlon Club here at NC State. Since starting I have really had an interest in endurance sports as I ran cross country in high school. I love the sport of triathlon because the training varies from day to day, I don't have to do the same sport every day. Somedays I can swim and bike others I can bike and run or I can run and swim.

Google Pandora
  1. Walk to Talley
  2. Get in line for Jason's Deli
  3. Order a Meatballa Sandwich
  4. Wait for what seems like a really long time while listening for your order number to be called
  5. Exchange your recipt for the meatball sub
  6. Enjoy
Class Expected Grade
Calc 3 A+
Chem 101 A
Chem lab 102 A+
Engineering 101 A+
Engineering 115 S
Introduction to matlab A
English A-
Triathlon Picture