Welcome to my Website Thing

My name is Joseph Leonardi, and I am a freshman in computer science. I chose that major because I good computers.

My favorite hobby is watching "The Big Bang Theory" because I already have a picture of that in my www directory.

Here's a link to my favorite website, Google, just click this totally not reused picture:
Google is here
Since I was too lazy to find out how to link my resume, here's a link to a boring English paper I wrote.

Here's how to make an interesting sandwich I used to eat

  1. Start with some bread
  2. Add some hummus
  3. Add some sweet coleslaw
  4. Add a deli meat of your choice
  5. Eat the sandwich and don't throw up
Class Expected Grade
English A-
Calc 3 B+
E115 Pass

Here's an image of my favorite hobby that was totally not reused
My favorite hobby