Welcome to my house of pain

James London, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. I choose this major because I have a passing interest in electronics. I also thought that I would be able to get a good job in the industry. I also enjoy programming and think this major would help with that hobby. It also interest me that everything is electronic and there seems to be no end to the possibilities that this field provides.
My favourite hobby is programming. I think that it is a great thing when your program runs bug free. I currently only program in c++ and I am trying to learn the direct x API. I started because I thought I would be able to program games but quickly learned how difficult that task was. This also led to me learning about how video game consoles were made and that led me to attempt electronic design. I think that programming is great for everyone to learn.

  1. get bread
  2. get peanut butter
  3. put peanut butter on bread
  4. enjoy
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