My name is Justin Poplaski and I am a freshman studying engineering. My intended major is electrical engineering. I chose this major because I have always been interested in circuits and finding out what makes things work. Back in high school I worked on electric vehicles and that really influenced my decision of my major. I hope to work for Tesla and work on improving the electric car.

My favorite hobby is playing video games with friends. I mostly play games on pc but will play games on a console every now and then. I enjoy playing my favorite games such as Borderlands, DayZ and CounterStrike. I enjoy the aspect of multiplayer and really like the rich stories of some games. I also enjoy playing competitively and am always up for a challenge.


How To Make The Best Sandwich!

  1. Get two slices of bread
  2. Apply two slices of cheese to one slice
  3. Add ham on top of cheese
  4. Gently place second piece of bread atop the ham
Classes Grades
Intro to Engineering A+
Fundamentals of Econonics B
Chemistry B
Calculus I B
Intro to Computing Environments Pass