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My name is Joseph Riddle. I will graduate in 2018, hopefully, and my major is general engineering.
I have yet to choose an exact major because I am choosing between Chemical, Electrical and Industrial engineering.
Chemical was my top pick before I started chemistry in college, but I still love it. The other two are just good engineering fields.

My favorite hobby is to play and watch football. Any time I am out throwing football with my friends, I feel exhilarated.
But if I'm not playing it, I definitely love watching it. College football is my favorite to watch.
NFL is up there, but they're getting payed to play instead of trying to make a name for themselves like the college football players are.

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  1. Put turkey on bread
  2. Toast bread and turkey in microwave
  3. Add mayo, lettuce and pickles
  4. Cut down the middle
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Classes Expected Grade
CH 101 B
MA 141 B+
EC 205 A-
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