Welcome to my website!

Hi, my name is Jeremy Stawinsky. I am a sophomore this year. I plan to major in Electrical engineering. I chose this major because it is a high paying job. I also chose it because it seems like an interesting major.

My favorite hobby is to watch and play sports. Sports have always been a major part of my life. My favorite sports to watch and play are baseball, golf, football, and basketball. My favorite sport to see live is baseball because no sports atmosphere is like a baseball stadium. Also, baseball was the first sport I played.


Favorite Websites

espn Tweet tweet!

How to make a roast beef sandwich

  1. Put down one slice of bread
  2. Add roast beef
  3. Add cheddar cheese
  4. Add last slice of bread
Class Grade
MA 141 A
STS 323 A
PY 205 C
MA 241 B