Welcome E115 Fam

Hello, my name is Juan Venegas. Im a rising sophmore and am currently a social work major. I intend however to major in statistics.
I became interested in statistics after taking the AP class and highschool. Hopefully I'll be able to matriculate into the program. I see all the different applications that involve statistics background and am excited about possible future careers paths. I've found out from scientific research to sport analysis to finance, statistics is used.

My favorite animal? Okay, my favorite animal is dog, specifically something small and cute like a pug. My parents never felt I was responsible enough to care for a pet so I never had the priviege of having a pet dog.
However, I know many people who own small dogs and get jealous every time. Small dogs are so approachable and, for the most part, display endless amounts of affection.


I like sports


How to order a pizza?

  1. Get hungry
  2. Find your favorite pizza place's phone number
  3. Dial number
  4. Tell them what kind of pizza you want
  5. Hang up
My Music Taste

Fall 14' Classes

Class Expected Grade
ACC 210 A
MA 241 A
ST 101 A