Josh Web Page for homework 5a

Hello, my name is Joshua Nicholas Amick and I am creating this webpage for homework 5a. I am a rising senior in chemical engineering and currently I am applying to grad school to get my doctorate in chemical engineering to be able to research protein folding from a thermodynamic persepctive, and other biological processes which are poorly understood. Protein folding is a complicated topic because it incorporates so many different steric factors that the complicated issue of bonding and equilibrium become extremely prevalent. I also have strong interest in alternative energy, but beleive that a chemical solution to the problem is only a tempoary fix to a much larger problem. Just like the development of nuclear power physics will more then likely have the solution. However I don't think serious advances will be made in the topic until a method of testing alternative energy solutions can be found that allow for relatively safe testing for the population. Personally my favorite break from school are the ones that aren't expected like snow days. Snow days give you time to catch up on work and just hang out with you family or signifigant other. During the other holidays like spring break and christmas I always feel to rushed by having to go and see everybody.

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