Welcome to the Internet Realm of Jessica Chestnut!

My name is Jessica Nicole Chestnut and I am a transfer student from Johnston Community College. I am double majoring in Materials Science Engineering and Statistics. I decided to choose these majors after evaluating my skillset and experience as a Research Development Technician at a medical device OEM company. I enjoyed working in a lab with different materials and statistically analyzing any DOE's I performed. I wanted to gain more knowledge in both of these fields and continue working with various polymer applications.

One of my favorite things to do is go to concerts. I enjoy listening to music and like to see bands play live. I frequent the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Raleigh to listen to various cover and local bands. Going to local music venues is a great way to submerge yourself into the local music culture and meet new people. I specifically like to listen to heavy metal; however, Raleigh doesn't have a rich metal culture. Many of the bands that play in this area are from the classic and hard rock genre. \m/


Because Metal!

Sandwich of Champions

  1. Jewish Rye bread toasted
  2. Hot corned beef
  3. Swiss cheese
  4. Loads of sauerkraut

Class Grade
E115 S
E101 A
CH101 C+
ST370 A
CH102 A