My name is Jonathan Nicholas Childs. I am a par tof the class of 2018, but will probably stay longer due to taking a Co-op. I am An Environmental Engineering Major. I picked this major because I am a very hands on person that enjoys mathmatical problems as well as the outdoors. I have wanted to do many things before I go to NCSU, but my Environmental Science teacher in highschool is the one who made me really interested in Environmental Engineering.

My favorite hobby by far is Skiing. It is a shame that I live so far from the mountains and it costs so much. I plan to live in either the Appalachains or the Rockies if I get the chance. I recently this last Spring went out to Lake Tahoe in California and enjoyed Skiing the slopes out there. The North Carolina Slopes don't compare.

Pandora Radio My Resume
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Class Expected Grade
CHE 205 B-
MA 242 A
ENE 373 B+