Puerto Rico

Hello, my name is Joseph Stephens, I am currently a freshman at NC State. I am an engineering major and I plan on matriculating into Civil Enginnering in the fall. I chose Civil Engineering because I found it to be the engineering type that I found the most interesting. I also chose civil engineering because I feel like it is a field with a lot of flexibility to do various things.

My favorite break from school was back when I was in high school. My family and I went to Puerto Rico for a week, it was a really interesting experience. Puerto Rico is an American territory so we did not have to get passports to travel. The beaches in Puerto Rico are very nice, I saw my first white sand beach while I was in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico also had an interesting historical aspect to it, there was a fort that was a lot bigger than I expected, and helped them fight against naval intruders in the past.

My favorite website
kanye west

How to make a sandwich:

  1. Grab Bread
  2. Snag meat of choice
  3. Slam all meat on one slice of bread
  4. Throw some sauce on it if you please
  5. Smack other slice of bread on top of the meat
Classes: MA141 EC205 E115 CSC112
Expected Grade: A B Pass B