Welcome to my Homework 6 assignment, I hope you enjoy it!

Hello, my name is James Strickland. I am a freshman currently in the first year Engineering program. I am hoping to CODA into Chemical Engineering because I enjoy chemistry and building things. I also have debated Computer Science because coding web pages has been fun. I hope to CODA during this upcoming semester so that I can be out of the first year engineering program by next year.

I have many hobbies but a main one is running. I started running in high school with the cross country team. I then ended up joining the track team and was captain my senior year. Running is a good way to stay healthy, release stress, and is just fun in general. I started out with one pair of running shoes that I used for practice, races, meets, really everything. Now I have a practice pair of shoes, a race pair of shoes, and a pair of spikes at home that can be used for track meets.

MiniclipBanner My Resume
  1. Toast bread with chedder cheese on it
  2. slice honey baked ham into smaller pieces
  3. Put honey baked ham pieces onto toasted bread
  4. Put lettuce onto sandwich
  5. Put honey mustard on sandwich to finish
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A
CH 201 B+
E 115 S