Welcome to the last assignment you'll have to grade.

My name is Joshua Wallace. My year is 2018. Because I'm an engineer, I'll probably end up graduating in 2019. My intended major is Computer Science. I chose computer science because the software aspect of computers and video-games intrigues me.

My favourite vacation was when I went to Six Flags Great Adventure. My senior class went as an end-of-year trip, and stayed from 9pm-4am. My friends and I rode every roller coaster at the park. On the bus ride home we had to make 2 stops while still in New Jersey. When we finally arrived to our high school, it was about 5:30 in the morning.

Personally I prefer dogs, but cats are cool too. I feel that dogs are more fun to have, because they want to participate with you in everything. Cats are lazier, but do funny things, like fall off tables and cram themselves into small spaces. I've never owned either, seeing as I am a proud owner of a Rabbit.

United logo on Union Jack
  1. Get bread
  2. Apply mayo/miracle whip
  3. Apply cheese
  4. Put in grilled cheese maker
  5. Grill cheese

Course Name Expected Grade
Chem 101 Lecture C
Chem 101 Lab B
HSEF 101 B

Kingda Ka