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My name is Benjamin Adams. I am a freshman majoring in engineering. I chose engineering because I like technical problem solving. I like to create things and produce things. I also like the idea of doing that with a team.

My favorite hobby is playing games. It doesn't matter if it is physical, table-top, or on the computer, I love games! My favorite sport to play is ultimate. My favorite boardgame is betrayal at the house on the hill. My favorite computer game is mount and blade.

Favorite Website Number 1

Duolingo Logo

Favorite Website Number 2

A place we all spend to much time on
    Sandwich Making 101
  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Cut bread
  3. Smear jelly
  4. Smear peanut butter
  5. put breads together
  6. Eat!

Course Name Expected Grade
MA242 A
PY205 A
E115 S

Mount and Blade Art