Greetings E115 Students, Graders, and Professors Alike!

My name is John Campbell. Currently I am a senior pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Economics. I chose this major due to my interest in economic theory and philosophy. As I progressed deeper into my major the classes became something akin to statistics. To me applying math to a social science seems crazy. I graduate this May but I am actually planning to apply for readmission and return to NCSU as a student in the Mechanical Engineering program.

Currently I really enjoy lifting weights and have been competing in powerlifting competitions for the past two years. Recently my interest in cooking has grown, likely from watching so many Netflix shows about chefs. I have begun to experiment more in my tiny apartment kitchen and I really enjoy it. My skills are pretty sub-par, but hopefully with time I will improve. I really admire people who devote their whole lives to cooking food because while it may sound easy in theory, in practice it is quite difficult.

Below I have attached a convenient link to my absolute favorite website in the world.

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  1. Go to Mellow Mushroom
  2. Search the menu for the "Mighty Meatie" pizza
  3. Order aforementioned pizza
  4. Eat pizza
Class Title Expected Grade
PY 205 A
PY 206 A+
EC 404 A
EC 452 A
EC 490 A+
MA 341 A
HESF 237 S
E115 S

Hobby Picture