My name is Jesse Jones. I am a junior going for a bachelors in Nuclear Engineering. I am pursuing Nuclear Engineering for several reasons really.
I have always been fascinated by atomic energy, even as a little boy reading about it in my dad's old encyclopedia set he had from when he was young.
Also, I wouldn't mind the chance to actually make a positive impact on society. And, filling a job like a Nuclear Engineering seems like just as good
a chance to do that as any.

My favorite break from school would be this past Summer. I spent much of it with my girlfriend who lives in Louisiana. We had a lot of fun together
I had never been there before, so of course she had to show me all the sights the state had to offer(well at least some of them). I also took a trip
to the outer banks with some family friends and spent a week. We of course had a blast.

Maddie and I on a street car in New Orleans

Where is the pic?

My favorite website, and the source of all knowledge


Second favorite website

Information on WWII German Tanks

How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Put mayonaise on bread
  2. Put mustard on one slice of bread
  3. Put ketchup on the other slice of bread
  4. Acquire beef bologna(May be purchased at your local beef bologna supplier
  5. Put beef bologna on slice of bread
  6. Assemble two halves of sandwich
  7. Put in mouth and chew, congrats now you're eating like me!
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
CSC112 A
MSE201 A
MAE206 B
NE201 A
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