Welcome to my page

My name is John Vize, and I am a freshman at NC State. My major is Biomedical Engineering. I chose engineering, because I want to make a difference in the world with new technology. Biomedical is my concentration, because I have always been interested in. Creating medical equitment is something that can save many lives at a time.

My favorite hobby is going to the gym. It is the ideal hobby, because of all its benefits. It makes you feel good and productive. However my favourite part of this hobby is that it is a great stress relief. After a long stressful day of class I can actively clear my mind by going to the gym. After leaving the gym I feel revived and clear, because of the joy of exercise.

My Fire Mixtape My Resume
  1. Get some bread
  2. Throw some chicken cutlet on that
  3. Throw some mozzarella on that
  4. Put some prosciutto on that
Class Grade
PY 205 B+
E 115 S
CH 222 A+
No Weights No States