Welcome, and today you will learn why E116 is actually better than E115

Hello, my name is Justin Althizer! I am a freshman in First Year Engineering at NC State University. There are a couple different types of engineering that I find appealing. Firstly there is Civil engineering, which is what I have down as my intended major. Civil engineering is what jobs that involve planning and building urban structures fall under, and that is the type of work I hope to get into later in my life. However, there are other types of engineering that have similar lines of work.

I have two hobbies that take up a significant amount of time, so I feel it necessary to mention them both: music and video games. I enjoy everything about music: listening to it, playing it, and even creating it. I have played the trombone for nearly 8 years now, and have been continually enrolled in music classes for the same length of time. I am currently a member of the NCSU Marching Band, also known as the Power Sound of the South. I have also joined the music service fraternity here at NC State. I enjoy basically all kinds of music, and I want music to be a part of my life until the end. My other hobby is video games. But, unlike music I seem to pick out a few video games to enjoy thoroughly. I don't play a lot of different games, but the ones I do play I find myself investing a large amount of time in them.

My Outdated Resume
  1. Go to the Oval on Centennial Campus
  2. Find the sandwich labelled Wolfpack Club
  3. Purchase the sandwich using your meal plan
  4. Put whatever condiments your want on it
  5. Enjoy!

Class Grade
E115 S
PY 205 C
ENG 101 B