Hello there. My name is John Andrews. I'm a freshman here at State. I am in the First Year College program currently. I intend to transfer into business administration shortly.

My favourite hobby is to work on my car. I own a fifty year old car that demands a lot of attention. Whenever I can I like to be working on the car in my garage back home. Unfortunately I can't do that while at school. I hope that next year I while be able to bring the car up here.

Star Wars Should have been an A+
  1. Acquire bread.
  2. Acquire pastrami, provolone, and deli mustard.
  3. Stack as desired. Preferably as ordered so far.
  4. Heat in toaster until cheese is melting.
  5. Enjoy.
Class Grade
Hi210 A
Psy 200 A
EC 201 A
1965 Comet