The story of my life.

Hey, My names Jacob Cansler I plan on majoring in Construction Management Engineering . I chose this becasue I like to be outside, and I love the thought process beind building structures. Im a Freshman of the class 2015. To be completely honest though it's not going to be 2015 when I graduate. It's going to be a struggle, but im goin to try my best to get it done. I love NC State and all, but the classes ain't no joke.


My favroite break from school used to be summer break, every little kid dreams of summer break sense the first day of school starts. This year Im really looking forward to winter break. I get to reunite with all my good friends from back home. Also, I get to go snowboarding, and stay up in the mountains and hang out. Luckily most of my friends from college live close to me, and have to go by my house to go snowboarding. Also, I get to hang out with my family and catch up a little bit before I have to leave again. My girlfriend also just happens to live with in 10 minutes from my house so I wont be missing anything in that area either.


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  1. Wheat Bread
  2. Turkey
  3. Pickles
  4. American Cheese
  5. Swiss Cheese
  6. Bannana Peppers

Grade Class
C Chem 101
C PSY 200
B ARE 201
B MA 141