Welcome to John's Homework Assignment!

Hi there, my name is John Cox. I am a freshman currently planning to pursuit a degree in chemical engineering. I have not CODA'd into the program as of yet, but plan to after this year. I chose chemical engineering because I am extremely passionate in the field of chemistry. I want to develop drugs that can help people in need. Also, I like to consider myself a problem solver and so I figured a degree in chemical engineering would be perfect!

My favorite hobby is definitely music. If there is one thing that I could not live without, it would definitely be my guitar. My guitar constantly just keeps me going and keeps me in a better mood. Whenever I am frustrated or need a break from all the pressures of college I just pick up my guitar. My favorite music to play on guitar is definitely John Mayer. He is one of my favorite current musicians.

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How to make a PB&J

  1. Get out two slices of bread
  2. Get out peanut butter and jelly
  3. Get out a knife
  4. Open the peanut butter and jelly
  5. Using the knife, spread peanut butter on the both pieces of bread
  6. Using the knife, spread jelly on one side of the bread
  7. Put the two peanut butter sides together and you have a sandwich!
Class Expected Grade
MA242 A
PSY 200 A+
EC205 A-
My Acoustic