My Name is Jake Davis. I am a sophomore at North Carolina State University. I am going to major in computer science. I chose this major because I enjoy working with technology and making things that are useful and fun. I haven't decided what job I would like with this degree but I will be checking out different options.

My first summer break this past summer was probably my favorite break. It was good to finally finish my first full year of college and have some time off. I spent some time relaxing after stressful exams. I also took some time to check up with friends and improve my golf game. This summer I will probably stay in Raleigh since I have a apartment now instead of a dorm.


  1. Pick a pizza company
  2. Look up the phone number
  3. Tell them what kind of pizza you want
  4. Tell them how you are going to pay

PE 205 Grade: A
SOC 205 Grade: B
ENG 209 Grade: A
MA 141 Grade: C