Welcome to My Homework

I am Justin Hall. I'm a freshman who is currently undecided in the first year engineering program. I am currently considering chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is interesting to me, because of all the different thing you can do. With a chemical engineering degree you can work in medicine, build weapons, or make water bottles. There are many different options.

My favorite hobby is playing sports with friends. I love playing sports whether its soccer, football, vollyball, or anything in between. I like being active and being with friends. My personal favorite is soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport to play.

  1. Get bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam, and a knife
  2. Spread peanut butter on one piece of bread with the knife
  3. Spread strawberry jam on the other piece of bread with knife
  4. Put peanut butter and jam sides of bread together
  5. Eat!
  6. Course NameGrade
    MA 141B+
    E 115S
    CH 101A
    EC 201B