Homework5a: Jessica King

My name is Jessica King and I am a freshman this year. I am currently in first year college, but I plan to study statistics. I hate first year college, I think it's a waste of time. Anyway I chose to major in statistics because math has always been something that comes easy to me and it is the application of math to real life. I found statistics very interesting in high school and decided to further my career in that field. So far, it is working out for me.

My favorite break from school is summer break. This is my favorite break because it is the longest and there is the most to do during that time. I love hanging out with my friends and going to the beach. I can wake up early and drive with my friends to the beach and fall back asleep to the sound of the waves. Although I never actually get tan, it is so relaxing and I love it. The most important part is being able to have a sleepover with my best friend, Meaghan Catanzaro, every night. We are inseparable and over the summer it gets even worse. Summer is a time to be worry free and there isn't much stress to be concerned with.




Steps to making a pizza.

  1. go to the store
  2. buy the ingrediants
  3. go back to the kitchen
  4. put all of the ingrediants together
  5. cook it
  6. take it out
  7. wait until it cools
  8. enjoy
  9. get fat
  10. eat some more

Class Name Grades
ST 305 A
ENG 101 B
MA 241 B
COMM 112 A
Bowling Pass
E115 Pass, hopefully
USC 101 A

This class drains the happiness from the world.