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My name is Jackson Koenig. I am freshman at NC State University. My major right now is electrical and computer engineering. I leaned towards this form of engineering due to the heavy use of computers in today's society.I feel that as long as I am a successful engineer I will be able to find and keep a well paying job.

One of my favorite hobbies when at home is gaming. The very first gaming system I had growing up was a SEGA Genesis. On the SEGA I played games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Jurassic Park. Since then progressed to a Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and now a Playstation 4. My PS4 is extremely valuable to me and it's always a great option when you want to have some fun with friends.

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Favorite Paper
  1. Drive to Chikfila
  2. Order two spicy sandwiches with no pickle
  3. Make sure they understood I don't want pickles
  4. Make sure sandwiches don't have pickles before eating

Class Expected Grade
ES 200 A
ECE 109 A+
EC 205 A

Playstation 4