Welcome to the World of Breaking Bad!

My name is James Oden and I am currently enrolled in E115! I am currently a freshman in the College of Engineering. I plan on completing the CODA with Electrical and Computer Engineering intent. I decided to do engineering my senior year when I realized my desire to push the limits of technology. I can't wait to dive into the field of Computer/Electrical Engineering!

My favorite pastime is riding my longboard. While I enjoy the benefits of riding it to class, I enjoy cruising around streets and on Centennial even more! Nothing compares to the rush of bombing a hill at car speeds. I have been skateboarding since high school, and haven't lost the passion for bombing hills. I have even convinced several of my friends to obtain longboards through their use of mine!


I Love NCSU!

  1. Place bread on a plate
  2. Cover one slice with jelly
  3. Cover the other slice of bread with peanut butter
  4. Eat!

Class Grade
Calculus II 95
Chemistry 101 90
E101 99

Picture of Longboarding