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Hello! Welcome to my First Webpage.

My name is James Pflaum I am working towards a degree in Environmental Engineering and plan to graduate in 2019. I am a Father with two incredible daughters and have the most amazing wife. I want a job that helps take great care of my family and makes the world a better place. I have worked for engineers for the past 10 years and am now ready to become one myself.

I have worked in the field of environmental compliance and permitting for the NCDOT, as a private consultant, the City of Durham, and the City of Raleigh. Each of these jobs presented their own unique challenges. At the NCDOT I traveled all over the State of North Carolina. I advised Engineers on issues regarding impacts to streams, wetlands, and endangered species. At the City of Durham and Raleigh I enforced each City's Stormwater Managment Ordinances. As a private consultant I travelled throughout the State of North Carolina advising Engineers on environmental regulations concerning bridges, highways, sewer lines, neighborhoods, and many other interesting construction projects.

Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Wetland Soils
  2. Life Stories - We wrote our entire Life Story all Semester
  3. Freshwater Ecology
  4. Introductory Biology

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American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE
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