Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Jirapat Sangvacharakul, I am a freshman and currently in arts and music. The reason why I am in this major is because I have a passion for music but the current job market is nothing like it was during the renaissance so sadly I plan to switch out to computer science. I like using computers and aim to be a network manager when I get out of college. If not then plan B is to become a professional wheelchair basketball player because how hard can it be, amiright? I mean all you have to do is wheel yourself around while holding the ball and try not to ball so hard the other kids fall out of their chairs.

My favorite hobbies include playing the guitar or ukulele and playing video games. I've played the guitar for almost 5 years now and Ukulele 4 years. Fun fact: I played the ukulele in my highschool's talent show my Junior year and got nth place because it's not a "competition" and it's "just for fun". I also play a lot of video games and have probably poured enough money into it that I could've probably paid for most of my tuition by now. I regret nothing.

My Resume
  1. Call mom
  2. ask for pbj special
  3. pick up sandwich from house
  4. profit???
Class Expected Grade
English B+
Racquetball Pass
Chemistry B
Music Perspectives A
E115 Pass