Welcome Human

My name is Jeremy. I am a freshman. I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. I chose this major because I want to learn more about how technology works. Specifically, I am interested in the electrical components of technology.

In my free time I enjoy playing my violin. I have been playing this instrument since seventh grade. I have been a part of many orchestras since then and I have learned much. I put all the things I learned to practice when I play at church and with my friends. The violin has been a part of my life ever since I moved to America.

Gooooooogle!!! Resume!
  1. Acquire le bread
  2. Acquire le bacon
  3. Acquire le cooked chicken/other meat
  4. Acquire le lettuce and tomatoes
  5. Acquire le cheese
  6. Combine!
Class Expected Grade
Physics A+
E115 S
Philosophy A+