welcome to medium people city

I'm Jeremiah, and I'm a freshman in First Year College. I plan on majoring in Chemical Engineering. Chemistry is fairly interesting, and I'd like to use it in a more tangible way. It would also be a way to use my math skills in something. Engineering also has very good prospects for jobs, and has a very tangible impact on the world.

My favorite hobby is probably playing video games. They can be very relaxing and fun but can sometimes be challenging. I enjoy games such as League of Legends and Risk of Rain. I like games that are extremely removed from reality. As a result, I tend to like the fantasy and sci-fi genre of video games.

My Favorite Paper

How to make a ham sandwich

  1. Acquire ham
  2. Acquire two slices of bread
  3. Lay out slices of bread
  4. Place one piece of ham on each slice of bread
  5. Place the two slices of bread against each other, ham sides touching
  6. Consume
Class Expected Grade
FOR 248 B+
CH 201 B
PY 205 B-