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Hello! I am Jacob Samuel Lasky, a freshman in Biomedical Engineering. Well, that's my intent at least. I am trying to matriculate into it but
that is a bit easier said that done. I am trying really hard, studying a lot, and getting all of my work done. It is a whole lot of work. I think
the key to being successful in college is to enjoy the free time that you have and realize that you don't have a lot of it! I chose this major because
I want to help people and create things that people all over the world can use!

I can't wait until winter break! My family and I are really close and we get to hangout all the time over the break. Besides that, I really
enjoy the cold and being able to dress up nicely. I also really really enjoy opening presents and being able to walk into a warm house that
smells like pine trees, seeing the fire burning in the living room and just feeling at home. It is a fantastic feeling and makes me love Christmas
time very much! Ontop of all of that, I finally get to drink egg-nog! It is my favorite and I have been drinking it for as long as I can remember!

I love to Reddit
Reddit is fun!
and I love watching videos on YouTube as well!

How to order a pizza as a group, online:
  1. Find out if everyone you're with wants pizza.
  2. Make sure you have money for pizza, no one's going to just give away their pizza!
  3. See what they want on their pizza.
  4. Find a place that sells the kind of pizza you want.
  5. When you find the place that sells your pizza, call them.
  6. Place your order.
  7. Wait.
  8. When the doorbell rings, answer it and pay for your pizza. Don't forget to tip them!
  9. When you get your pizza, eat it!
Code Class Grade
EI 201 Entrepreneurship Initiative A+
MA 141 Calculus I A-
MUS 134 Wind Ensemble A+
CH 111 Preparatory Chemistry A
E 101 Engineering 101 A+
HON 202 20th Century Literature B
MUS 142 Jazz Ensemble II A+
E 115 Engineering 115 Pass

Christmas Time!