My name is Jiin Son. I am in sophomore year. My major is textile Technology. I intend to change to Textile Engineering. I am choosing Textile Engineering because I want to earn much money

My favorite hobby is sleeping until 12pm and watching Korean Drama. Basically I like to relax. However, during semester, it is hard to take rest and watch Korean Drama. So, I am really waiting for upcoming summer break. It will be great if I can do my favorite hobbies in my break.

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my favorite Korean food, Kimchi Stew

  1. Prepare Kimchi and pork and water.
  2. Put pork in the pot and boil it.
  3. Put water and boil it.
  4. Put kimchi and boil it.
  5. Add some vegetable or seafood if you want.
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Class Grade
TE110 A
MA241 A+
PY205 B