Meet Justin Ordonez

My name is Justin Ordonez and I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University. As of right now, I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I chose this major as I enjoy working with and thinking about computer and software related problems. Some have asked why I chose Computer Science as opposed to a major in Mathematics. It comes down to the fact that Computer Science has an added layer of complexity not found in Mathematics. Once an idea is proved in Mathematics, the problem is solved. In Computer Science, runtime must be taken into account.

I enjoy playing video games. Video games allow me to encounter problems outside of the ones bounded by reality. They can offer outlandish problems and require crazy solutions. This forces me to solve problems differently than I would normally imagine. It forces me to become more creative.

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  1. Stack two slices of bread on top of each other
  2. Put Lettuce in between bread
  3. Put Mayonaise on Lettuce
  4. Put Anchovies on bread
Class Name Expected Grade
Intro to Philosophy A
Calculus 3 B+
Public Speaking A-
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