Hello I am Joey Pippin a freshman at NC State University. I am a first year engineering major with the intent of majoring in Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. These two fields interest me because Paper Science Engineering will allow me to work in the Paper Industry, an amazing manufacturing process that is part of the backbone of the US economy. Chemical Engineering also opens up many doors as well. With theses two degrees I will have enormous opportunities for amazing careers!

My favorite break would have to be summer break. Getting time off of school to go work or hang out with friends back home is awesome. Some things I enjoy doing over the summer include going to the beach, going on mountain camping trips with my family and hanging out at the local pool. Last summer I worked as a lifeguard at a local pool. Hopefully this summer I will be able to work as an intern at a local company.

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How to Make a Pizza College Style:

  1. Wake up
  2. Grab cell phone
  3. Dial Gumby's
  4. Order pizza
  5. Set alarm for 30 minutes after time you ordered pizza
  6. Fall back asleep
  7. Wake up(again)
  8. Go down stairs and pay the pizza guy
  9. Enjoy Pizza!!!

Classes this Semester

Class Expected Grade
MA141 A
ENG101 B
REL312 B
CH102 A+
E101 A
E115 S