Welcome to John Powell's E115 Webpage

Hi, my name is John Powell and I'm a freshman engineering student at NC State University. At the end of my freshman year I plan on matriculating into chemical engineering because I think that it is a very interesting field. I chose chemical engineering because I think that many of the things chemical engineers work on are very interesting and I think I would really enjoy working in that field. My hometown is Henderson, North Carolina and I went to the North Carolina School of Science and Math. In my free time I like to go running, cycling, and play tennis. If you would like to contact me you can send me an email.

Every year a large percentage of the NC State students travel to Chapel Hill to take part in the Halloween celebrations on Franklin Street. I think that one of the ways NC State could make more students stay here is to have more events happening on campus Halloween night. One of the biggest problems NC State students run into is that the majority of the social events at this university take place off campus. If we could offer more stuff to do around campus I think more students would stay at NC State on Halloween. I think that the main reason people go to Franklin Street is because there are a lot more people on Franklin Street that night, but if we could get all of our students to go out on our campus we could start a tradition that would rival the on in Chapel Hill.


My favorite website is NC Milesplit because it lets me keep up with high school running events and how all my old friends are doing in cross country and track this year. Above is a picture of my high school cross country team last year when we won states.

Although I really enjoy watching cross country and track I really like college football. Below is a list of my top 5 favorite college football teams.

My Top 5 College Football Teams

  1. NC State
  2. Boston College
  3. University of Southern California
  4. Louisiana State Univeristy
  5. University of Florida

Below is a table that has the classes that I'm taking this semester and what my expected grade in each class is.

Course Name Expected Grade
Chemistry (CH101) A
Chemistry Lab (CH102) A+
Introduction to Engineering (E101) A
Introduction to the Computing Environment (E115) S
Fundementals of Economics (EC205) A
Calculus II (MA241H) A
Introduction to Psychology (PSY 200) A
Scholars Forum S

Well, this is the end of my web page. If you click on the NC State Seal below it will take you to the course webpage for the class that I'm doing this webpage for.

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