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Welcome to Tomorrow's Trees Inc.

    Hello, my name is Jacob Whitfield, owner of Tomorrow's Trees Inc. Located in Eastern North Carolina, we have worked with the United States Forestry Service and other private lumber management and harvesting companies in surveying tracks of trees throughout the United States for purposes ranging from protecting the habitat of the Red Cockaided wood pecker to managing even-aged douglas fir plantations in Oregon.

What We Do...

     We have developed a product that makes the job of a forester simpler, while also improving the accuracy of the trees he/she surveys, thus increasing the value of the work this forester provides.
This revolutionary product is the TTS 4000, also known by its nickname as the Mini Forester. Along with this product, I have developed a computer program that allows users to configure their Mini Forester to their known tree specifications to allow for more accurate readings of scanned trees.
We aim for there to be an arsenal of TTS 4000s accurate enough to determine any and everything a forester needs to know about any given tree throughout the United States, while also keeping units cheap enough that any smaller private land manager can afford one.

Tomorrow's Trees Inc., Building Tools for the Forester of Today!