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My name is Jacqueline but I go by Jackie because Jacqueline sounds too formal for me (not that I don't like my name but...yeah). :) I am currently a freshman intending to study Environmental Engineering at NCSU. I became interested in environmental engineering after taking the AP Environmental Science class in high school. While taking that class, I really enjoyed getting to do labs outside in the wetlands behind the school and working with the natural environment. It made me want to preserve resources that are available to us and make sure we don't destroy what we have. I also want to minor in Design Studies or possibly create my own minor in Industrial Design.

Even in high school, winter break was my favorite period of time away from the classroom because it meant that I got to have several weeks away from school. The best part about winter break was getting to see family who live far away. It's nice to spend time with them since I only have the chance to see them once or twice a year, if that. Of course, winter break also means that it's holiday season and I have the opportunity to get gifts for other people, which means I get to go shopping. :) And it's always really pretty outside with all the holiday decorations and lights. I'm really looking forward to having an extra long break in college and not having to worry about school work because the semester will be over!

Colorful Holiday Lights
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The Best Way to Cook Pizza

  1. Go to the store
  2. Buy pizza ingredients
  3. Create pizza
  4. Cook said pizza in oven
  5. Take pizza out of the oven
  6. Let pizza cool
  7. Nomnomnom
Class Expected Grade
ENG101 A
MA242 A
CH101 A
E115 Pass