I love N.C. State

My name is Jordan Harmon and I am a freshman at North Carolina State
University. My major is high school math education. I chose this major
because I like to help people and see how they progress afterI help them.
I chose to teach math because I really like how the concepts are black and
white and they are not as vague as some of the other subjects. I have also
always been pretty good at math so I feel as if I am best suited to teach
that topic. Another reason I would like to teach is because I used to play
softball and I would really like to coach a high school team

As I said before, I used to play softball and it is still my favorite
hobby. I have played since I was seven years old until I decided to quit my
summer going into college. I really miss playing competitively, but I am going
to play with my sorority next semester. I was going to try out for the club
team this year, but I was too busy with getting adjusted to college and
rushing. Since I will be more adjusted next year and also have my car here to
keep my equipment in, I will most likely try out.



How to Make My FAV Sandwich
  1. Get out bread
  2. Put Pizza Sauce on bread
  3. Put Cheese over pizza sauce
  4. Toast the sandwich

Class Expected Grade
MA 111 A
CH 111 C+
COM 112 A-
ED 100 A+