Hello, it's nice to meet me.

My name is Jacob Rooks, from Morganton, NC. I wanted to be an Engineering major coming to NCSU, and so I looked into the different types. After some research and visits, I decided to choose Paper Science and Engineering as my planned major. I chose Paper Science because they offered me a scholarship, as well as how well it does at getting you a job. It is a smaller major so there is a lot guidance in the classroom, on some really interesting topics. I am a freshman, and plan to graduate in four to six years.

My favorite hobby is hiking. I grew up near the mountains, and always loved exploring the outdoors. I have spent most of my time hiking in the Linville Gorge, but take advantage of any new opportunities if I travel elsewhere. It is what makes me happy and where I feel at home. The best part about hiking is the views and things you see. Another reason I do it so much is because it is a lot of fun with other people, but just as fun even if you go alone.


How to Make a Sandwhich

  1. Go to cabinet and get supplies
  2. Put one slice of bread, then cheese, then meat, then veggies, then second slice of bread.
  3. Place sandwhch in the oven to heat it up
  4. Enjoy your sandwhich!

Class Grade
Chemistry C
Calculus B
English B
Engineering A