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My name is James Stiff and I am a sophomore. My current major is architecture, but I am intending on switching to Civil Engineering. I am interested in civil engineering because I have always been interesting in buildings and how they are constructed. When I was a child, I liked playing with legos. Also, I like playing city-building games such as SimCity.

My favorite hobby is following politics. I am especially interested in the geography of politics. I like to look at the maps of the elections and the trends from past elections. Also, I like to read about the history of American politics and the interesting stories about previous presidents. In many ways, politics today is more civil then it was in the past.


  1. Make pizza crust
  2. Make pizza sauce
  3. Spread sauce, cheese, and pepperoni over crust
  4. Bake pizza in oven for 20 minutes
Class Expected Grade
CSC 111 B
EC 205 A
MA 141 A
CH 101 A