Welcome to Jimmy Wagner's Website!

Hi! My name is Jimmy Wagner and I am a freshman at NC State majoring in engineering. I chose engineering because it is a great field to go into and it plays to my strengths in school (Math and Science). I am not 100% sure which discipline of engineering I want to pursue. I do however know that I want the discipline to be more physics based and the discipline needs to have jobs where I am solving a variety of problems rather than solving the same type of problem over and over again. Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical are my top three disciplines I want to pursue.

I have many hobbies, but perhaps my favorite hobby is surfing. I enjoy surfing because it is fun, but also relaxing. My favorite time to surf is at sunrise because the waves are generally more calm and it is not crowded on the beach or in the water. Also, it is very peaceful to be in the ocean, riding on some waves, and enjoying the sunrise. Surfing is one of my favorite ways to start the day.

My Resume
  1. Spicy Italian Sub From Subway
  2. Pepper Jack Cheese, Toasted
  3. Lettuce, JalapeƱos, Banana Peppers
  4. Vinegar and Oil, All Of The Spices
Class Projected Grade
MA 241 B+
PY 205 B-
E 115 P
A Giant Wave